2019 wrap up – welcome 2020

2019 wrap up – welcome 2020

It’s the time of year, where most of us take a look back at the past year, to reminice, reflect and say boodbye. And so I guess I am going to do that too. The thing about reflecting is that not only do I learn stuff about myself, I also get a good idea as to what the best way is, for me to move forward.

Looking back at 2019, it has been a great year. I passed a few exams, one being the final bachelor – I can now call my self an actual teacher. That was amaing, but also a little weird after four years of studying, and then nothing. In March I found a permanent flat for me and the kids. A very adorable flat, with amazing view, a room for the boys, and a bedroom/artstudio/office/creative corner for me. A place that fits us perfectly. A home.

As for my writing it was hard to fit it in with all the stuff that was going on in my private life, but I did manage to get some writing in. During the year I had several writing camps with my writingbuddies and I also went to the annual summer writing camp with HUF (union for aspirering authors) – an amazing week with lots of laughs, conversations and off course writing. In november I participated in Nanowrimo for the fourth time, and actually won this year – as a first. I wrote 50.000 words on a first draft and learned a lot in the process.

In the artistic department I did not create nearly as much as I wanted, wich was quite frustrating.

Plan for 2020

The year 2020 is for me the beginning of a brand new life, of a sorts. I am going to spend much more time on selfcare. Making sure that I do take care of myself, both physically and mentally. I want to create that creative life that I always wanted.

I want to write more, draw more, paint more, create more and just see where it takes me. And I am going to take you along for the ride.

Together we will find our path to our best living.

Love Julie

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